Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas traditions: This year's ornament

One of my favorite personal Christmas traditions is picking out an ornament to commemorate the year that has passed.  We started out with a bride and groom in 2006, and added an NYU Law ornament in 2007, Princeton's Fitz-Randolph Gates in 2008, and a "parents-to-be" stork in 2009.

So it's only fitting that this year's ornament be dedicated to the birth of our first child.  I found these super cute personalizable ornaments on Etsy, and knew immediately that this was this year's ornament:

How adorable is this little ornament?  And yes, I fully plan to get something similar for each of our putative future children.  :)

2010: the year we became parents.  We're so thankful for all of the amazing ways God blessed our family this year!