Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmastime is here: PEF Christmas party!

[We're in Indianapolis for Christmas!  And I finally have the time to sit down and blog about all of our many, many Christmas events and happenings over the last few weeks... So sit back and enjoy the latest blog burst!]

Friday, December 10 was the annual PEF Christmas party -- such a fun time of taking part in as many Christmas traditions we can fit into Murray-Dodge!  :)

The party takes place after a normal Friday Night Fellowship -- which means it doesn't get started until about 9:30pm.  (Crazy college students and their crazy late-night schedules...)  We both really wanted to be there this year, but felt it would be hard/unfair to ask a babysitter to come over and stay until like 1 or 2 in the morning... So we brought Joshua along.  :)  We also brought along his Pack n Play and sleep ducky, and baby monitor, and sleep sack... He had a lot of fun staring at new faces and charming people with his ability to walk a few steps, and then got whisked up to the third floor to go to sleep.  It did take a little while to get him to fall asleep in a new and different place, but once he conked out, he was out for the rest of the night!  Despite his over-anxious mama running up and down the stairs several times an hour to check in on him... I tell ya, I got my exercise that night!

The fellowship team always goes all out to decorate for the Christmas party, and this year was definitely no exception.  Murray-Dodge is such a beautiful old building to begin with, and it looks so magical all decked out for Christmas!

And the students deck themselves out, too.   ;)

There's the annual gingerbread "house" contest ("house" in air quotes because very few of the entries are actually houses, and those that are tend to be things like the magical Weasley house!):

Weasley house; (C.S.) Lewis Library

The making of the Golden Graham Bridge

And then of course there's caroling in the main room, with Jamie at the piano:

And just a ton of overall fun!

What a wonderful start to this year's Christmas season!

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Amanda said...

Looks like fun! Great photos. :)