About Us

"She's a lawyer, he's a preacher.   Together, they minister and litigate.  This is their story."

That was the original tagline on this blog when we first started it, back in November 2008.  It's definitely in need of an update, now that we've added a couple kiddos into the mix!   So here's a quick introduction to the Keddiebears...

David and Christina originally met each other as students at Princeton on a Christian fellowship retreat in January 2000.   We were part of two different groups, though, and didn't really get to know each other all that well; in fact, when we met again on the same retreat in 2003, David wasn't sure whether Christina's name was Christina or Melissa...  Clearly, she had made a lasting impression on her future husband.

We were both interns with the Princeton Evangelical Fellowship for the 2004-05 academic year -- David had just graduated, and Christina was taking a year off from law school.  We spent hours (and hours, and hours) together ministering to the freshmen, and discovered that we were really good together...  By October, we were dating.  By February, we were engaged.  And the rest is history. :)

We got married in Princeton on May 13, 2006.   David continued on with PEF (and is on staff with them to this day); Christina finished law school and practiced for several years as a corporate litigator; she has since transitioned into working as a legal recruiter, and runs a small business as an event and portrait photographer on the side.

Our little boy Joshua was born on January 27, 2010.   It's been a wonderful, challenging, exciting time since then, as we learn how to be good parents, and how to be good stewards of all of the many roles that have been given to us.  And we doubled down on all of that when our precious baby girl, Sophia, was born on August 6, 2012!  It's been such a joy watching our children love each other and learn to play well together -- they're both such different, and wonderful, little personalities, and we're so thankful to be their parents!

This blog chronicles our family, providing snapshots of our daily life.  Thanks for joining us in this adventure!