Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Christmas card!

And our final catch-up Christmas post for today...  :)

We love sending out Christmas cards every year -- it's a fun way to reconnect with old friends, even if pretty much all of you keep up with us through the year via this blog or Facebook.  There's just something so much nicer about getting a piece of real mail and having a photo to put up on the fridge!  (And yup, we're the family that keeps all holiday card photos up on our fridge all year long -- I only took last year's photos off when we started getting photos for this year!  So to those of you who put in the time to choose photos and design cards, know that at least one of your creations will be admired for a full year!)

This year, we had such an amazing selection of family photos to choose from, thanks to Deb and Matt Cull!  Because we loved them all, we decided to try to fit as many photos on one 5x7 card as possible.  ;)

I left a blank space on the back of the card -- because I was determined to actually write a personal message on each one this year.  I actually really enjoyed that exercise -- it was wonderful spending that little bit of time thinking about and writing to each and every person on our list.

So consider this blog post a continuation of that effort at reconnecting with all of you.  :)  Wishing you all much joy this Christmas season!

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Amy F.W. said...

SO beautiful!! Family AND card. =D