Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas recap

We had such a lovely visit over Christmas in Indianapolis!  It's always so much fun to spend time with David's family -- and it was even more so this year, because Joshua is at such a fun age right now!  (Though of course, I'm always saying that about him, no matter what age he is...)  Joshua has really mastered the toddling, and he charmed all and sundry by toddling up to each person, a toy in each hand and a huge grin on his face.  Christmas would have been joyful and fulfilling even if all we did was just sit and stare at our wee boy!

But of course, we did so much more.  I actually didn't take a ton of photos that week -- I was mostly just enjoying Christmas through the eyes of our curious little toddler.  :)  But I did get some fun Christmas morning present-opening photos!

For the grown-ups, we had a grab bag gift exchange this year, with everyone contributing a few little treats and fun gifts.  And there was much hard negotiating afterward -- exactly how many chocolate-covered coffee beans is an orange cream worth, anyways?  And there were some notably amusing gifts thrown in there as well...

And I got Joshua all dressed up in a cute outfit for church, and actually managed to get a few decent photos of him, despite his crazy-fast toddling ways!

Coaster in hand, of course.  :)

All three of us so enjoyed our visit!  Joshua's first Christmas was such a sweet time of family and fun.  And we're all so looking forward to the next time we get to hang out with all of you!

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Kelli Z. said...

I just posted my blog entry maybe 10 minutes before you titled Christmas Recap, too :). So I read your's and see you mention Indianapolis... I had no idea your DH was from here, neat! You should meet up with us photog ladies here next time you're in town ;).