Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photo session with Deborah Cull Photography!!

And a brief break from the Christmas blogging...

We had a wonderful professional photo session with our dear friends Deb and Matt Cull -- Deb was Princeton '03, and is an absolutely amazing photographer.  They live in Florida, but were up here to photograph Andrew and Miriam's wedding back in October, so we jumped on the opportunity to get some family photos while they were in town!

And oh my goodness, did we get some absolutely breathtaking photos...

I'm only posting about them now because we just got our prints from that session hung up on our walls.  It was SO hard picking just a few to print -- if only we had unlimited funds and wall space and could get ginormous canvas prints of all of them!  :)

So here's our new photo wall display!

The first side (going along the wall towards our kitchen) has my canvas of Joshua (still one of my favorite photos I've taken of Joshua to date).  But the rest are all the work of Deb and Matt.

David had the idea of doing a "faces" and "places" theme for our display, as a hat tip to iPhoto.   :)  So side one is our "faces" wall -- the Joshua canvas, a photo each of one of us with Joshua, and a sweet family photo to tie it all together.  And side two is our "places" wall -- the large canvas was taken on the bench in the garden where David proposed, the vertical photo with that beautiful stand of trees is on the Princeton Battlefield, where we used to go on long rambles back when we were dating, and then a photo of us in a little library at the Grad College (where we spent some of our first dates) and one on the little bridge on the golf course that we crossed right after David proposed.

We love, love, love our photo display.   :)  And because my photos of the prints don't even begin to do them justice, here are the images we chose!

Deb and Matt, thank you once again for such a fun session and such amazingly beautiful images!  We treasure each one of these prints!