Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sophia Watch: Seven Months

Well, at least I'm getting this post written before Sophia turns eight months old...  :)  As per usual these days, I'm backdating this a bit so it at least looks like I posted this close to when I took the photos below!

Our wee Fifi is seven months old!  And the biggest milestone she's hit this month is reflected in her official seven-month photo: she's sitting up on her own, completely unsupported, for multiple minutes at a time!  At the time of this photo session (a couple days after she turned seven months), her record was two minutes straight.  She seems to really enjoy the new perspective this sitting up thing gives her, and it's so precious to see her delighted grin as she peers out at the world like a big girl!

Just for comparison's sake, I took a shot of her lying back next to her bunny, as she did for her first six Sophia Watch photos, and it's amazing what a difference her new posture makes:

Sophia is still a very placid, content, and relatively immobile wee girl.  This month, she did manage to roll over from back to belly a few times (most notably once in her crib at the beginning of a nap, which led to much consternation and complaining until I came in to flip her back over).  She now seems to be used to that particular move, and actually prefers sleeping on her side now.  But she still has no interest in rolling from her belly to her back, or trying to roll or scoot herself in any direction when she's on the floor.  She does, however, love watching her big brother run laps around the living room -- no matter what she's doing, she'll crane her neck and fix her eyes on Joshua when he runs near her, and occasionally let loose little giggles and squeals of glee.  Perhaps she thinks this "mobility" thing is just for big brothers?

She's certainly a healthy and growing little girl, though!  We've continued introducing her to various veggies and fruits, and so far, we haven't found a food she doesn't like.  And she'll eat whatever amount you put in front of her!  These days, she nurses four times a day, and has two solid meals (3.5 oz. of puree plus rice cereal to thicken the consistency).  She's had sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, peas, carrots, apples, and pears, and devours it all with the same gusto.  I'm hoping this love of all veggies will continue well into her toddlerhood!

We're also finally making some headway against her eczema (which I don't think I've blogged about yet) -- she has some super dry and rough patches on her arms, hands and cheeks, particularly on her left cheek and hand where her dry skin is exacerbated by her continuous sucking on her fingers.  We've been using a baby lotion for sensitive skin that seems to be working -- our pediatrician recommended we try this before going with an actual anti-eczema product.  Thankfully, the rough patches don't seem to bother Sophia.  They certainly don't deter her from chewing on her beloved fingers!

And some more seven-month cuteness.  :)  David was helping me get Sophia's attention, and in many of these shots, you can see her staring adoringly up at her papa.  So heartmeltingly sweet!

And in what's becoming a normal part of these monthly shoots: a big brother cameo, with a matching sticker of his very own!

Happy seven months to our sweet little girl!