Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joshua's introduction to Christmas

So Joshua had to miss out on both the PEF Christmas party (started at 9:30, he was asleep the whole time upstairs) and the Vespers service (started at 9pm, he was asleep at Steven and Hilary's the whole time -- thanks again, Hilary, for watching him!).  But of course we're doing our part to introduce him to the trappings of Christmas this year!

Our first attempt at a family tradition: Christmas PJs!  They came just in time, too -- he's fast outgrowing his cute little duckie pajamas, and they're also not quite warm enough for the extreme cold that set in so quickly this winter.  So now Joshua is sporting the latest and finest in Christmas fleece sleepwear!

Next up: Christmas presents!  His NC grandparents sent up several large packages, addressed to "Josh Keddie" (and yeah, I know that's our son's name, but it's still so weird to see his first and last name written out together like that!).  Joshua doesn't quite understand the idea of opening presents yet, though he sure does love playing with packaging paper and ribbons!  But he's also really loving his first Christmas presents:

And finally: Santa hats!  I wish I could take credit for the cuteness to follow, but it's pretty much all thanks to John and Lucy...  We were all at Bonnie and Andrew's housewarming/birthday party, and John and Lucy showed up in their cute matching Santa hats.  Joshua was fascinated with the bright red of the hats, I think, and we had some failed attempts at getting photos of him sporting the hat by himself -- the hat would stay on for about half a second and then Joshua would pull it off in an attempt to get it in his mouth.  :)  But when I scooped him up and put the hat on him, he was happy to just look cute with it on.  And then right before John snapped a shot of us, Lucy plopped her hat on my head.  Resulting in the following best Christmas photos ever:

The only thing that could make these better would be to have David in here with his own Santa hat.  So yeah, I'm working on that...  ;)

It's so much fun sharing the little joys of the season with our little guy!  Rest assured, more Christmas photos will follow!