Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 in North Carolina

This year, for Thanksgiving, we made the drive all the way down to North Carolina to spend a few days with my parents and brothers.  It was a long drive, with lots of crazy holiday traffic, but it was definitely worth the effort to make this visit!

Sophia is old enough now to be beyond most of the worst of her stranger anxiety, so she deigned to allow her grandparents and uncles to hold her and play with her.  And Joshua is old enough to really play with others and appreciate all manner of fun games!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, got to meet my brother Eric's girlfriend Heajin, went to see "Catching Fire" while my parents watched the kids, and generally had a lovely time.

Next time we visit, I'll have to bring my proper camera.  :)

Thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Joshua's first school picture!

One of the preschool rites of passage that I was most looking forward to was seeing Joshua's first school pictures.  You can never tell whether it'll be hilarious or cringeworthy, but with Joshua, I knew either way, it would be super cute.  :)

On picture day, we spent the morning before school talking about photographers and cameras and how super happy fun exciting it would all be.  One of the "Thomas the Tank Engine" episodes Joshua loves to watch includes a segment with a photographer taking pictures of the trains, so he had a fun point of reference for the whole experience.  (Read: more fun than the times mama forces him to sit next to Sophia and smile and look at her annoying camera!)

When I picked him up from school that morning, I asked him about the photographer, and he was full of fun stories.  "There was a 'tographer at Joshua's school! I liked the 'tographer. I sit down in a chair! TWO kids sat on the table. One kid was sad. I was sad, Mama, I was sad. The 'tographer took my picture! And I was sad! I liked the 'tographer."

So, um, I really wasn't sure whether the photo captured him in a happy frame of mind, liking the chair, or if he would be sympathy screaming with another kid...

The photos came in a few weeks later, and oh my goodness, y'all, look at this cuteness!

When I get a chance, I really need to scan in the photo, but this cell phone shot will do for now!  I'm so very, ridiculously pleased with this first school picture.  So impressed that the photographer caught a genuine smile from our handsome little man!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Random Instagrammy goodness

Just some fun Instagram shots from this fall, to record these memories for posterity.  :)

I can't get over how cute Sophia is when she plays peekaboo!  Her chubby wee hands are juuuust barely big enough to cover her eyes!

He asked me to build a tower with his cars.  I told him it wasn't possible, and tried to steer him to other toys.  Minutes later, I see this.

Fifi's first pigtail!

"I make a big tower!  And now I make a big smile!"

A lazy Saturday morning playing in the window seat.

Joshua's first field trip -- to a farm!  With a bus, and a hayride!

Sophia loves wiping up, and will try to help clean any time you give her a napkin or cloth.

With Shaddai on Ms. Angela's birthday, at small group.

Sophia's pumpkin butt sleeping position (deeply asleep on a Monday morning, just before I have to wake her so we can pick Joshua up from school...)

Playing with friends' water bottles during Wednesday small group!