Friday, August 27, 2010

A Brooklyn playdate!

It's not often that parents will drive over an hour to make a playdate happen for their son.  When that happens, you know that either (a) the parents are willing to do anything for their son, (b) the playdate partner must be the coolest kid in the world, (c) the parents are dying to hang out with the other parents, or (d) all of the above.  :)

In our case?  Definitely (d)!

Last Saturday, we finally made it up to Brooklyn to visit our dear friends Emily and Brian, and to meet their son Evan!  Evan, of course, has already had his debut over here on Keddiebears Central, but we hadn't actually had a chance to meet him yet.  And Emily and Brian hadn't yet met Joshua.  This was a situation that seriously needed to be taken care of -- especially since they're all moving to Texas in just two short weeks!  :(

So we decided to make the trip out on Saturday -- and we had SO much fun!!  Evan is such a cute little chunker.  He's almost exactly three months younger than Joshua -- and he's at least three pounds heavier.  :)  Joshua, I think, was fascinated by him.  Our little guy is definitely starting to notice other babies, and it's such a joy to watch him try to play with them.  Evan was a very patient host, as Joshua attempted to grab and eat his feet.  :)

The J's took us around the pretty and hip parts of Brooklyn -- we took our strollers along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, had brunch at a trendy (and family-friendly) restaurant, got dessert from Jacques Torres, and just had a grand old time.

Matching strollers!

Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan

Family photos!

This shot says SO MUCH about Brian and Emily...  :)

Mmm, massively oversized cookie ice cream sandwich...

Evan laughing at his daddy

Emily, Brian and Evan, thank you so much for being such wonderful hosts!  So glad we could squeeze in a visit before you head out to Texas... We'll miss you all so much!!