Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stephen and Grace!

So after saying goodbye to the new Mr. and Mrs. Hwang, we drove down to the outskirts of Philly for Stephen and Grace's reception!  We got to make the trip down with Pastor Matt and Karen -- it's always so fun to hang out with them.  And we all reveled in how popular we were, being invited to multiple weddings on the same day...  :)

I'm really glad we ended up planning it this way, to go to Jon and Melissa's ceremony and Stephen and Grace's reception.  I wish we could have been at both weddings for the whole celebration, but given that we needed to split things up, I think this worked out the best way possible.  There were SO many old friends at Stephen and Grace's reception -- Stephen and I graduated from Princeton the same year, and pretty much everyone from our class who went through PEF was there!  We also saw so many folks we hadn't seen in years -- some since our own wedding, some since graduation... It was so wonderful to get to reconnect with old friends and meet their spouses and babies!

We were seated at the baby table.  There were six couples there, with three babies, two pregnant ladies, and five kiddos left back at home.  Craziness!  Our little corner of the reception hall got a lot of attention, I think...  :)

I didn't get many shots of the "official" wedding activities -- it's HARD getting good shots in a large reception hall.  And I wanted to leave that to the pros -- i.e., Deb Cull '03 and her husband Matt!  But I did get some fun candid photos...

Joshua's all, "don't cry, baby Titus!"

Musical chairs, and passing the babies around...

Lucy and John with Anna; David and Joshua watching the wedding slideshow

Sneaking a kiss while cutting the cake; best man John's toast

Such a fun wedding reception!  We actually stayed until the very very end -- the wait staff were setting up for the next reception and had to kick us out!  We just had that much fun...  :)  Stephen and Grace, it was wonderful celebrating with you guys!  Many, many blessings on your married life -- we love you both!

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Amy F.W. said...

What a beautiful couple! I am loving all the baby to have all the babies at one table, I can just imagine the conversation was at that table with that many itty bitties!