Monday, August 23, 2010

Sitting up like a big boy -- and Joshua's video debut!

Over the last week, Joshua has figured out how to sit up all by himself!  We've been trying to teach him how to sit up unsupported over the last few weeks, by sitting him down on a blanket, and then watching as he sloooowly tipped over and face-planted... But all of a sudden, about a week ago, Joshua figured it out.  And now it's his favorite thing in the world to do!

Not only can he now sit up by himself, but he's also figured out how to pick up a toy, flail it about, and bring it to his mouth -- all while not tipping over.  :)  Such a smart and strong boy!

He's gotten confident enough in his sitting abilities to happily sit and play for several minutes at a time.  Long enough for this shutter-crazy mama to get some really cute shots of him sitting up all by himself!

And what better way to commemorate this milestone than to present to the world Joshua's blog video debut?

We're slowly uploading the few videos we've taken of him, so hopefully there will be more embedded video on this blog in the near future.  :)  Enjoy!


Ashley Sisk said...

Something about these photos in the library make him look so studious. :)

Amy F.W. said...

Oh. The cuteness. The cuteness is killing me. Thanks for sharing the video, I LOVE to see all "our" kids in action!!

Tripps said...

oh my cuteness...look at him! so adorable. was he sitting up straight at 6 months? DS is still leaning forward with his hands on the floor, but he does try to sit up straight for a second.

Christina said...

Thanks, ladies! :)

Ashley, it's funny you say that -- our "library" is just a line of bookcases running along our living/dining room wall. Oh, for a proper home, with a standalone library! Joshua is used to playing alongside all of our books now, though!

Tripps, Joshua started "tripoding" with his hands out at about 5.5 months. And then just a week or two later, he was able to sit up totally unsupported. And now he does it happily for like half an hour at a time!

MrsXoxo1598 said...

So adorable, Christina! I can't even believe what a big boy he is already. And omg, he's just so cute!! Love the video, thanks for sharing.