Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jon and Melissa!

Last Saturday (8/14) was the second of our wedding double-header days of the summer.  This time, though, both weddings were scheduled for about the exact same time, with one in Princeton and the other in Delaware/Pennsylvania.  We really couldn't miss either wedding -- how could we not be there to celebrate this most important day with such close friends?  So we decided to go to Jon and Melissa's ceremony, and then drive down to attend Stephen and Grace's reception.  :)  Maybe a little crazy, especially with a six-month-old in tow, but we made it work -- and we're so glad we did!!

So Jon and Melissa were the second '09 wedding of the summer, after Drew and Alison.  There was another subsection of that class represented at this wedding -- it was so good to get to see these folks!  This ceremony was held at All Saints' Episcopal Church, a bright and airy kind of sanctuary, and was officiated by Pastor Matt.  One cool backstory note:  Pastor Matt also officiated at the wedding of Jon's parents.  :)  This was apparently the first time he had done the weddings of multiple generations in the same family.  What a sweet point of family connection!

Beautiful light, beautiful subjects...  :)  Alison and Drew, and Elizabeth and Molly

Melissa and her dad!

Melissa and her dad, and Jon and his brother Alex

Exchange of vows

First communion as husband and wife

First kiss, and being announced as husband and wife!

Mr. and Mrs. Hwang!

We milled around after the ceremony while the bridal party was getting official photos taken.  I didn't want to get in the way of the pro photographer, but I did manage to get some cute shots off to the side.  And, thanks to Grace Ristuccia (haha, still trying to get used to that name change!), we also got a very sweet family shot of the three of us!

Aren't we cute??  Please note J-bear's preppy sweater vest outfit.  :)

The lovely ladies

"Quick, Melissa, look all romantic-like and beautiful!"
(Yeah, she's got that covered on a daily basis.)

Roommates of the bride and groom

Such a handsome couple!

Melissa and Jon, it was a true joy to see you married.  :)  I'm so glad we could be there with you that day!  We love you, and will continue praying for you way out in South Bend!