Sunday, September 5, 2010

Visit from Grandma and Uncle Donald!

[We've got a lot of catching up to do, so this is the first in a whole bunch of new posts!]

Last week, David's mom and oldest brother came for a brief visit!  It's been a while since Grandma had gotten to hold and play with Joshua, and Uncle Donald hadn't yet met him.  So you can imagine how much fun was had by all.  :)  Unfortunately, Donald was struggling (mightily) through a pretty bad summer cold, so he didn't get a chance to hold Joshua...  But we've promised him the chance to change Joshua's diaper the next time he comes for a visit.  ;)

Because our apartment is relatively small, the nursery also serves as the guest bedroom.  So we put Grandma up in the guest bed there, and Uncle Donald got the couch in the living room -- which meant Joshua was set up in his Pack n Play in our bedroom.  We were hoping, since Joshua spent the first week of his life sleeping in that Pack n Play, that he would be totally fine with the change... It didn't work out as smoothly as we'd hoped.  The first night, we put him down, giving him his ugly doll and duckie and pacifier as normal, but he started fussing shortly thereafter.  We've been following a policy of letting him cry just a little before going to him, so we went with that for a few minutes.  When I went back to check on him -- he was sitting bolt upright in the corner of the Pack n Play!  It was the first time Joshua had managed to get into a sitting position all by himself.  I guess necessity (or frustration) really is the mother of invention... Thankfully, Joshua got used to the new sleeping arrangement fairly quickly.

We took a day trip up to Poughkeepsie on Thursday to visit Iain, the middle Keddie brother, and his girlfriend Erin.  Iain managed to find a suitably family-friendly brunch place that still fit with his (our) yuppie tastes.  :)  We got a wooden high chair for Joshua, but he found a seat he much preferred:

Then our big excursion for the day was crossing the new Walkway Over the Hudson, an old rail bridge converted into a pedestrian walkway.  It was a spectacular vista, and a really nice walk/hike -- it's not often that you get to walk 212 feet over the Hudson River!  It was a gorgeous day, too -- and of course I took tons of photos!

The gang on the road towards the Walkway

Carrying Joshua's chariot up to the Walkway, while keeping him sound asleep!

He eventually woke up -- and had the most gorgeous diffuse light hitting his beautiful eyes!

The Walkway; a view of the Walkway from later on in our walk

Every time Joshua got a little fussy, Uncle Iain ran ahead to amuse and entertain him

The Mid-Hudson Bridge, the road bridge we took to cross back over the river

The (narrow and vertiginous) sidewalk alongside the Mid-Hudson Bridge

We all (Joshua definitely included!) had such a good time hanging out with family.  :)  We were only sad that the visit was so short!  Looking forward to the next time we all get to be together!

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Care said...

How fun! Looks like a gorgeous day. I love the third shot. What a sweet photo. :)