Friday, August 20, 2010

First cousins once removed!

[Here comes another series of catch-up posts... Sorry for the delay in blogging these last few weeks!]

Earlier this month, we had a visit from my aunt, uncle and cousins, all the way from California!  My cousin Sam started his 1L year at Columbia Law this year, so his family came out to help him move in.  And since we're so close to the city, they all came down for a brief afternoon visit.  We hadn't seen my aunt or Sam since our wedding, and David actually hadn't yet met my uncle or my cousin Andrew.  And of course, none of them had met Joshua!

J-bear did fairly well, all things considered... He was still in the throes of his first bout of teething, which disrupted his nap that morning, and then all of a sudden there were strangers in his house.  Poor little guy!  He still managed to charm the pants off of his great-aunt, great-uncle, and first cousins once removed, though.  :)

For your viewing pleasure, a 6-month-old's progression of fussiness...

And then daddy came along to do baby airplane, and all was right in his world.  :)

It was wonderful seeing all of you -- and hopefully next time you visit, Joshua will be a better host!  :)  Sam, now that you're so close, we hope to see much more of you!