Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday Week has come and gone...

You know you're a mother when the one thing you blog about on your birthday is your son's three-month birthday... :)

It's funny; I used to make SUCH a big deal about birthdays.  I think this is in part because I skipped second grade, and so was always a year younger than everyone in my class... I would count down a ridiculously long time before April 28th every year ("Hey, it's January 1st, which means only 117 days until my birthday!") and have fun planning huge parties to celebrate.

And even though I'd calmed down a bit about my own birthday in recent years, it was fun planning "Birthday Week" for me and David -- after all, our birthdays are only five days apart!  And last year was David's 30th birthday, so of course I had to go all out with it.  The Star Wars birthday party was perhaps the most fun I'd ever had in planning a party, culminating in the coolest cake I've ever baked:

Sorry, I just had to take the opportunity to post that photo again. :)

This year?  No crazy countdowns, no big parties, and certainly no Death Star cakes...  To be honest, even though things are going swimmingly with Joshua, David and I got tired just thinking about planning any birthday hoopla.  So we decided that it would be a much more low-key birthday week this year.

I hadn't counted on my husband's sneaky ways, though...  David has a series of meetings on Wednesdays, and sometimes comes back home in between.  Last Wednesday, which was my birthday, every time he came home, he had another little gift for me. :)

A beautiful bouquet of peachy-orange roses (one of my favorite colors, and in a small enough bunch so as to not aggravate my allergies -- so thoughtful!), and a strawberry frasier cake from Chez Alice (a smaller version of our wedding cake!).

We brought the cake to our small group that night, and had an impromptu birthday celebration there with our dear friends.  I even got to blow out candles for the first time in years!

David's 31st birthday was yesterday, and per the birthday boy's request, we spent a very relaxing, enjoyable day at home together.  David's actually been fighting off a bug of some sort, so it's a good thing we didn't have anything wild and crazy planned.  I do, however, have a special birthday post in the works for David, so stay tuned for that!

Thank you all for the many, many (many!) Facebook, email and phone birthday greetings -- you made us both feel so loved.  We have the best friends and family ever!