Thursday, May 6, 2010

PEF Real Houseparty and KS archsing!

The end of the school year is now in full swing!  There are tons of PEF events lined up for the next several weeks, including three in a row this weekend (tonight is the talent show, tomorrow is the spring picnic and night one of senior testimonies, and Saturday is the Olympics).  So I want to go ahead and get a post in on last weekend's festivities before I get too far behind on my blogging!

Last weekend was Princeton's Houseparties weekend -- a three-day extravaganza celebrating the end of classes, with a formal night, a semiformal night, and Lawnparties afternoon.  It's the preppiest weekend at one of the preppiest places on earth... But I always had a ton of fun doing the whole shebang when I was a student.  :)  PEF provides its own "Real Houseparty" on the Friday night -- it used to be held at one of the staff homes (i.e., a "real house," as opposed to the eating clubs), and the name has stayed on even though it's now just held at Murray-Dodge after our normal Friday Night Fellowship.

And Kindred Spirit, the Christian acappella group (which I was a part of back in the day!) has its formal archsing on the Friday night of Houseparties as well.  In past years, we've been too busy helping with setting up and running the PEF party to go to the archsing, but this year, David and I had fewer duties, so we decided to swing by the arch!

So here are a few of our favorite shots from the party and the archsing!  [And from a photography perspective: I'm so pleased that I'm finally starting to get the hang of dragging the shutter when using my flash.  It helps bring out the ambient lighting to avoid the deer-in-headlights look of flash photography -- and I think I'm getting better at it!]

A smaller crowd than normal at first, since most upperclassmen were at dinner at their clubs...

New fathers and their baby boys!  David with Joshua and Brad with Noah

Daniel teaching JD the basic cha-cha step

Griffin is one of my favorite people ever to photograph  :)

In the words of the inimitable Dan Megill: Ain't no party like a Princeton party...

Archsing!  Sops and tenors

Justin's solo in "You Put This Love in My Heart" (a number we did my sophomore year!)

This photo of Jacinth just makes me happy

What a fun way to kick off the year-end festivities!  Stay tuned for many more photos and posts about all the hoopla to come!

For the full set of photos from the Real Houseparty and the KS arch, check out these SmugMug galleries: Real Houseparty; KS archsing.

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RBQ said...

Thanks! Yeah I was admiring your camera during the olympics - were you using your telephoto lens then?