Sunday, May 3, 2009

The big 3-0!

David's birthday party last night was a rip-roaring success -- thank you to all of our wonderful friends for coming to celebrate with us!

I had so much fun decorating our apartment with the Star-Wars-as-30th-birthday-party theme:

"30" streamers courtesy of the Beesons;
Millennium Falcon and TIE fighter printed out from the interwebs

Super cheesy Star Wars plastic tablecovers

Framed pictures of David as a little boy;
plastic lightsabers borrowed from the Dorini boys

The little kids loved playing with the lightsabers:

Jeremy, age 4, and Lydia, age 6

And so did the big kids:

Dan, age 23, and John, age 27

And the pièce de résistance: the Death Star cake!

We put the candles in the Death Star part of the cake, to represent its explosion. And we put one in the laser itself, just because it looked cool. :)

See -- all cake inside!

David's brother Iain came down for the party, all the way from Poughkeepsie!

Busting out breakdancing moves, in honor of his kid brother's birthday

And he brought his lovely girlfriend Erin, who we got to meet for the first time.

We had so many people show up -- from our small groups, from YAC, from PEF staff... It was a nice melding of our many little worlds here in Princeton.

Michelle holding little Laura, with Iain and Damara in the background

Steven and Hilary came dressed up!!

And we also had some surprise guests -- old friends we haven't seen in ages!

Pearson, up from Duke for a conference -- we hadn't seen him in a year and a half!

And Saunders came down from the city with Pearson -- so good to see him, too!

Erik brought his pop-up Star Wars book as a contribution to the decorations -- it was a huge hit!

And Jason and Damara gave David a Star Wars lego kit!

The birthday boy reveling in his loot

Steven and Hilary promptly opened the kit and constructed it for us

Demonstrating the warning in the instructions...

The kit was complete with a mini Darth Vader!

People stayed at our apartment into the wee hours -- until almost midnight!! Which, frankly, is crazy late for old fogies like us...

Lucy taking advantage of Damara's falling asleep for a photo op

What a wonderful way to celebrate David's birthday! Thanks again, everyone -- we love you all!


minjuice said...

stina, you are such a great wife and hostess. the most impressive part of this post to me was your lettering on david's cake. wow! it looked like font. great job!

jj said...

The force was with me.