Thursday, May 27, 2010

Joshie-Wan Kenobi

We interrupt this run of "catch-up" posts for an incredible dose of cuteness: our little J-man right after a bath, in his wee hooded towel!  He's totally rocking the Obi-Wan look -- the cutest little Jedi we've ever seen!

Snuggling up to both Daddy and Mommy

'Sup, yo?

So cute so cute so cute!!

Back to your regularly-scheduled blog reading.  :)  Coming soon: our visit with Iain and Erin, Joshua's first bottles from Daddy, the next installment of Joshua Watch, and Princeton Reunions!!


MrsXoxo1598 said...

joshua is super cute, stina!!! love his cute little expressions. thanks for sharing :)

Soonermagicmama (Tamara) said...

Hey there! This is Soonermagicmama from over at thebump photography forum. Since we discovered we had so much in common (mama attorneys with 7Ds, etc), I couldn't resist stalking your blog! In any event ... so much more in common. When my Parker was in utero and we had not yet named him, we referred to him as "Obi Wayne." We knew his middle name would be Wayne and hubby has quite the fascination with Star Wars. In any event, your little one is adorable. Can't wait to read about your adventures returning to the law practice from maternity leave! Take care - T