Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In honor of David's 31st birthday

My husband is a very serious, thoughtful, respectable kind of guy.  He speaks with the weight of authority, and has much wisdom to draw upon in counseling his college guys.  Though he has a great sense of humor, which comes out in his messages and when he's leading Bible studies, no one would ever call him silly.

No one, that is, except me.  :)

I have the dubious honor of bringing out an exceedingly silly side of David when we're alone together.  And it wasn't until he married me that he discovered that he has an extraordinarily plastic face, and is capable of sending me into paroxysms of laughter with a single shift in expression...

We recently discovered an old folder of photos that I took last year, documenting many of these facial expressions.  I was going to post a few to the blog then, but chickened out -- I was worried that these photos would undermine David's general air of respectability.  But finding these old shots made both of us laugh harder than we had in a long time -- so David's given me his blessing to share some of our favorites with the world!

So without further ado, the very staid and respectable David Keddie:

And for some reason, this one's my very favorite:

Happy birthday, sweetheart!  Thank you for always knowing exactly how to make me laugh.  :)


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Who knew:)

Hilary said...

Wow! David has recreated the famous Ekman emotion faces...now all you need to do is test their cross-cultural validity. :)