Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Week!

It's the end of April, which means we're coming up on the biggest celebratory period of the year here at Keddiebears central! :) My birthday is on the 28th, David's is on May 3rd, and then our three-year wedding anniversary is on May 13th. I like to think of it as Birthday Week, followed shortly thereafter by Anniversary Week... Good times!

This year is especially a big deal, because David is turning THIRTY on Sunday. So I'm throwing him a big birthday bash this weekend. And because he's turning thirty, and because he never really had a themed birthday party as a little kid, I've decided to go all out and throw him a Star Wars party!

I'm really excited about this party! I'm not going to reveal all the details here and now, because hey, a girl's got to have something with which to surprise and delight her guests... :) But I will say that I have super high ambitions for the birthday cake I'm planning on making. We'll see if I'm able to pull it off... It involves this:

And this:

And a few of these:

We'll see how it all turns out...

In the meantime, start thinking of brilliant and witty things to say to David on his birthday -- I know he'd appreciate the blog and Facebook comment love!


Rebecca said...

Aw how exciting! Maybe the cake will end up on Cake Wrecks' Sunday best! ;)

Rebecca said...