Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Catch-up post: PEF reading period events!

Now that the school year is officially over (just have Reunions and graduation to get through!), it's high time that I finally blog all the photos and events from the last few weeks... Warning: this post will be very photo-heavy!

Three weeks ago was Princeton's reading period, the week and a half between the last day of classes and the first day of exams.  Reading period is usually spent writing papers and cramming for exams -- but since there's no scheduled academic activity, the students also have time to hang out and throw fun events.  Over the last few years, PEF has developed several reading period traditions -- it's a fun way to kick off the end of the school year!

First up was the PEF talent show, held on Thursday night (5/6).  There's always such an interesting mix of actual talent (instrumental pieces, operatic arias), class skits (the seniors reprised their "Monks of the Saint Bill Boyce" skit from their freshman year!), and, um, varieties...

Perhaps my favorite skit this year was the role reversal by David L. and Ian F.  Both of these guys have very strong personalities -- David is one of the most exuberantly ebullient people I know, while Ian is very strait-laced and proper.  So their role reversal was BRILLIANT.  It was hilarious seeing them walk out in the other's clothing, and it just got funnier from there!

The day after the talent show (5/7) was PEF's spring picnic, right before our normal Friday Night Fellowship.  Tons of good food, fun and games -- and a chance to get candid portraits of people before they graduate and/or leave for the summer.

And finally, that Saturday (5/8) we held the PEF Olympics out on Poe Field. It was a beautifully sunny day -- perfect weather for relay races, soccer games, and other outdoor shenanigans.

It's always such a joy to hang out with PEFers, but especially so when the burdens of work aren't quite as palpable. :)