Monday, June 1, 2009

A Whirlwind of End-of-Year Events

Oh, man. There are SO many blog posts we've been wanting to write these last few weeks. This blog generally serves as a record of all the special events and fun times with friends we have, and we've tried to stay on top of it all, but the last three or four weeks have just been too full. Too many dear friends, and good times, and reminders of how amazing our community here in Princeton really is... It's a good problem to have. :)

So I've been wanting to dedicate a whole post to each of several special events that we've taken part in over the last month. And I've started composing them in my head, deciding what pictures to post and what pithy captions I'd write... But right now, I'm sitting on a backlog of way too many potential posts. So I'm going to kill several birds with one stone, by creating a compilation post here, and directing you to our SmugMug galleries for more photos.

That's right, we've got a SmugMug site now -- we've mentioned it in passing in a few posts, and I recently created a button on our right sidebar that directs you to the galleries, but here's our first official announcement! :) We've uploaded high-resolution versions of all the photos we've taken in the last few years (slowly working our way backward; we've made it to spring 2007 so far). So this will be the repository of all the photos we take:
We figured we'd stick with the Keddiebears "brand." :)

And here are some of the most recent galleries we've uploaded (reserving some of the events of this past weekend, because hey, I'm really going to try to write them up as separate posts!)...

Click on the photo to be taken to the gallery associated with the event. Hope you enjoy the photos!

PEF Talent Show! (4 May 2009)

PEF Spring Picnic! (7 May 2009)

Senior Testimonies! (7 and 14 May 2009)