Saturday, June 13, 2009

Farewell, Zartmans!

This past Tuesday was the last week that everyone in our Tuesday night married couples' small group would be in town together -- Erik and Andrèa are traveling for the rest of the month, and by the time they get back, Jeremy and Vera (and their 17-month-old daughter, Masha) will have left for Switzerland, where Jeremy is doing a two-year post-doc. We're all so proud of Jeremy for finishing his PhD (and within 5 years!), but it'll be so sad to see the Zartmans go! So we decided to do a special potluck dinner this week in honor of these dear friends.

And as an added bonus -- Erik and Erin (and 3-month-old Luke!) were in town! They used to lead these small groups, and had asked if they could come to the Tuesday group while they were around. So of course we invited them to join in!

Luke has grown so much in the almost-three months since we last saw him!

Dr. Zartman himself!

And his lovely wife Vera -- they're expecting a boy in October!

And thanks to Hilary, we got several different configurations of group photos. :)

All five couples, plus Luke

All the men

Old leaders and new

Our Tuesday group: Zartmans, Bergsiekers, Granstedts, and Keddies

We'll miss you, Jeremy and Vera! We'll have to come visit you in Zurich sometime. :) Many, many blessings on your family as you make the big move and settle into life in Switzerland. We love you!