Friday, June 12, 2009

Tae and Jeff Richmond-Moll!!

We actually missed out on the tail end of Reunions -- because we had a wedding to go to! Our dear friends Jeff and Tae got married in Princeton on Saturday evening, May 30 -- and their wedding was beautiful and elegant, just like the two of them!

It was the first time we'd been to a wedding at Westerly -- it's the church we're members of, and we love it dearly, but I had always thought of the sanctuary as a little small and awkwardly laid out. But Jeff and Tae were able to create a beautiful, ethereal setting for their ceremony, with strategically placed tall flower stands and a gorgeous archway at the front.

And their reception! It took place at Albemarle, a grand old mansion with beautiful grounds, now home to the American Boychoir School -- where Jeff and Tae first met at a summer camp, many years ago. Elegant and sweetly sentimental -- the very best combination for a wedding reception. :)

The floral arch, twinkling away at the front of the sanctuary

Jeff, anxiously awaiting his bride

Brad and Casadi S., a married couple who were in the bridal party

The blushing bride with her proud father!

Isn't this just lovely?

Reading their eternal vows to each other

The exchange of rings

Taking communion together for the first time as man and wife

The kiss!

Introducing Tae and Jeff Richmond-Moll!

Katie and Jon are so cute!

Just because I think Casadi is gorgeous :)

The seating chart, and my seat at the table

Part of the dessert buffet -- complete with wedding cupcakes...

...which Tae and Jeff fed each other :)

Proof that we were there!

The beautiful reception tent

Congratulations again, Jeff and Tae! Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding celebrations. Many blessings on your married life together!

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