Saturday, June 13, 2009

Staff Fun Night!

Last night was the annual end-of-year PEF staff fun night! After the busyness of Reunions and graduation, the staff have a week or two of "June days," where they evaluate the past year and start to make plans for the year to come. Near the end of June days comes staff fun night, with all staff families invited.

This year, we went out to Chuck E. Cheese -- primarily because it would be fun for the little kids. And by "little kids," I mean everyone on staff... :)

The last time I had been to Chuck E. Cheese was actually the day I took the LSAT -- I took it down at Rider with my friends Jeff and Yashih, and we decided that we needed to do something fun and childlike to wash the taste of that exam out of our mouths... That was a ton of fun, but going to Chuck E. Cheese is probably more fun when you're not sleep deprived, and when you can share in the wonder of the place with small children. :)

Lydia and Jeremy getting their Skeeball on

Debbie joining in on the Skeeball fun

Chris and Anna competing in basketball

Laura tagging along with Chuck E. Cheese himself

Bill and Rachel playing some kind of shooting game

Anna in her own little virtual reality world

Aime and Greg playing MarioKart

Staff fun night always lives up to its name. :)