Sunday, June 28, 2009

Playing the Pregnancy Card

Apologies for the blogging silence! We dropped the pregnancy announcement bombshell, and then just disappeared for a while... Sorry to keep you all hanging like that!

I'm going to have to play the pregnancy card as an excuse -- I've been so exhausted the last few weeks, and then morning sickness kicked in with a vengeance last week. I'm maybe the only person in my office who's thankful that the economic downturn is resulting in slower times at work... I suppose I should be more worried about my billable hours, but right now, I'm just thankful that I can easily work from home or take afternoons off as needed!

I am thankful for the exhaustion and the nausea, though. Difficult though it may be sometimes, it's all a reminder of the incredible things going on in my body right now, and I'm choosing to take each moment of nausea as a sign that the baby is still growing and developing as he/she should. :)

And we've got some more pregnancy-related posts in the works! I do want to journal the rest of this pregnancy -- though we'll also try to keep this blog from becoming all baby, all the time. Though I have to confess, that's pretty much where my mind is these days... :)

Thank you all for being so excited for and with us! It's a little nerve-wracking and scary, the idea of being pregnant and becoming parents, but we're mostly just super thrilled about it all, and so thankful for this incredible blessing!