Friday, June 12, 2009

Going Back, Going Back, Going Back to Nassau Hall...

OK, here begins a whole bunch of backlog posts... Sorry for the delay! It's definitely time to ease our way back into this blogging thing...

Two weekends ago was Princeton Reunions! That crazy, magical time of year where 18,000+ alumni and their families descend upon the campus and try to relive their glory years...

PEF has its own series of Reunions events, which is generally where we spend Reunions weekend -- we are, after all, guaranteed to see tons of old friends! And it's a hugely busy time for PEF staff, who cater and run all of the events... I think David and I are finally getting to the point where we're less stressed about making sure everything is running properly, and more focused on really getting to catch up with alumni friends and have great conversations. Less Martha, more Mary, if you will.

And it was so good to see so many old friends! Complete with the requisite crazy Reunions costumes. :)

'06 girls and John

Anna in the back, making Erin's famous punch

Gentlemen of the great class of 1984, in their 25th Reunion blazers

Jon and John, being... Jon and John

Little Elijah Saxton was a real chick magnet :)

Carissa and Luke, with their newlywed glow!!

Some of the luncheon on Saturday morning -- gotta love PEF salads!

Cutie-pie Timothy Rudd, in a Tigger costume

Look at that sea of black and orange!

Sallade kiddos at the kids' table

Our fearless leaders :)

Crazy busy though it may be, Reunions really is one of the best weekends of the year. We're so glad we could catch up with so many of you!

For more PEF Reunions photos, check out our dedicated Smugmug gallery.