Friday, June 12, 2009

PEF Senior Dinner 2009

Immediately following Reunions is Princeton's 3-day graduation extravaganza -- Sunday Baccalaureate, Monday Class Day, and Tuesday Commencement. In the middle of all of the university's hoopla, PEF throws a farewell dinner for the seniors and their families, on the Monday evening, right before the university's prom.

This year, we had a huge graduating class -- all of whom will be very dearly missed! It was a bittersweet evening, honoring these dear seniors and getting to know their families a bit... We're so glad so many of them were there that night, and that we could all fellowship together one last time.

It wouldn't be a PEF event without Jamie providing the music...

Nate A. and Jon K., with some of Nate's family

Going through the dinner buffet line

Molly H., one of our lovely underclassmen servers

Stephanie K. and her parents, all the way from Hong Kong

Half of the room -- it was a huge crowd this year!

Justin C., another underclassman helper, preparing fruit plates for dessert

Anna and some of the '09 girls

Bill, starting the program portion of the evening

The seniors presented the staff with gifts -- so sweet!

David, receiving his gift from Ryan

Jon H., a stalwart conservative's conservative, receiving a gift from his fiancee's roommates

Godspeed, class of 2009 -- we'll miss you!!

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