Monday, February 2, 2009

TONS of pictures, now that David's back!

As you all probably guessed from my blogging silence this weekend, David made it back home. :) It's so good to have our home complete again! So in celebration of his return, we're posting tons and tons of pictures, from the retreat and from this past weekend... Enjoy!


David took Zaphod, our new camera, with him on the retreat. Because I couldn't go this year, I asked him to take a few representative pictures. And wow, did he deliver -- he came back with over 2000 pictures! Many of these were continuous shots taken of various action scenes (snow football, basketball games, etc.), and others were part of David's learning curve with the camera, but I love all of them. And I posted 500+ of them on Facebook -- so you can see all of those if you're my Facebook friend. (And I'm an equal opportunity Facebook-friender, so feel free to friend me if we're not already Facebook friends!)

Here are just a few of our favorite pictures from the PEF/Manna winter retreat:

Camp Spofford was beautiful and snow-covered this year -- and got a lot more snow mid-week during the massive storm that hit most of the eastern US.

The main chalet

No need for lifeguards on the very frozen lake...

Some of the awesome action shots David was able to get:

Snow Bowl 2009: seniors vs. underclassmen

Snow tubing (and taking video on the way down!)

The annual PEF vs. Manna basketball game

I just love the motion stop on this one!

Had I gone on the retreat this year, I would have hung out in the chalet all day with these folks:

Melissa teaching Molly how to knit

Playing cards -- I love Alison's "sneaky" face!

Teaching Lydia, age 5, how to "shoot the bunny"

Drew in the second-semester senior thesising zone
(I remember writing the first chapter of my thesis in these very booths...)

And a few photos of other representative retreat happenings:

Mike and David, Manna staff, leading worship

Bill on the grill -- this time making egg McMuffins

Telephone Charades -- the laughter proves my point about this being the best game ever!

It really looks like everyone had a wonderful, refreshing time on the retreat! And I'm seriously considering taking a week's vacation next year to be able to come along...


Sometimes, it really feels like we live in a Norman Rockwell painting. This weekend was one of those times. It's been cold enough long enough for Lake Carnegie to freeze over, so there were a bunch of people out on the lake on Saturday afternoon. We decided to take a photography walk with the express purpose of taking pictures of frozen lake fun. There were kids playing hockey, figure skaters, families taking their babies and their dogs out for a walk -- seriously, Norman Rockwell winter painting material!

The snow-covered tow path, next to the frozen canal


And, of course, we've picked right back up into our regularly scheduled busyness... Yesterday, we helped organize a Superbowl party for the new 20s and 30s ministry at our church. We had a live internet feed of the game (which was, curiously enough, streaming from a Canadian station, complete with Canadian commercials), set up in a local Christian bookstore/coffeehouse. And we brought tons of food... It really is extraordinarily easy to host an event for this crowd. People bring more food than promised, are all great conversationalists, and stick around to help clean up afterwards... It makes for a great party!

And it helps, too, that the Steelers won. :) What an exciting fourth quarter!

Our projection setup

Carrie's seven-layer dip

Matt's sesame chicken drumsticks

Anna, the Cardinals fan

A bitter face-off between a die-hard Cardinals fan and a die-hard Steelers fan
(Anna, next year, I'll make sure to at least learn a few of the players' names beforehand!)

Carrie and Mimi in the food and conversation wing

Matt and Nicole, a lovely engaged couple

You could feel the tension building during the fourth quarter...

The Cardinals fans couch during the last 35 seconds of the game...

There were only actually about six people at the party who really cared about the game... The rest of us were just there to hang out. :) Good times were had by all, though -- we're looking forward to the next big event!