Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weddings, weddings everywhere...

For a while, it looked like the spate of weddings in our friend circles was finally dying down. Last year, we had two family weddings and the wedding of a friend of ours from college (and law school!), but that was it for 2008. At one point last fall, we knew more women who were pregnant than were engaged -- and if that's not a sign of growing up, I don't know what is!

But slowly, the wedding invitations started trickling in again. And now, 2009 is shaping up to be our wedding-est year yet -- how exciting!

Here's the lineup of weddings so far:
  • February 28: Jenitta and Stan
  • April 4: Myun Hwa and Rob
  • May 17: Elaine and Ed
  • May 30: Tae and Jeff
  • July 4: Jamie and Jeff
  • August 8: Carrie and Matt
  • August 29: Diana and Brian
And these are just the weddings we've been invited to. We know of at least two more weddings in our friend circles coming up this summer...

We're really excited to be kicking things off next weekend by celebrating with Jenitta and Stan. :) And you better believe we'll have tons of pictures of all of these events!

And, um, if any of our friends out there are planning on getting engaged soon and married this year, please pick a different weekend, okay?* Just to accommodate us? Thanks!
* Because in August 2006, we were invited to six weddings. Three of which fell on the same weekend -- one in Pennsylvania, one in New Orleans, and one in Scotland. Guess which one we went to...