Monday, February 9, 2009

Young Adult Connections

Last weekend, we had the first real leadership team meeting for the new ministry we're helping to start up through our church, Young Adult Connections, or YAC. And trust me, we're totally going to have fun with the acronym -- we've already found a bunch of great yak pictures, including this one for our Facebook group:

Huddling for strength and warmth as they face the rest of the world together...

But I digress. :)

YAC is aimed at the 20- and 30-somethings at our church and in the broader Princeton community. This is the demographic that tends to fall through the cracks at most churches -- and in Princeton, it's even harder to build community given the transience of the young professionals in the area. Our hope was to create an official ministry of the church (with a name, and with pastoral support -- important for creating a sense of permanence), that would be an obvious gathering point for people in this demographic. Something that would provide support for small groups, get people plugged into the larger church community, and create fun social outlets and regular gatherings.

David and I have been "rebranding" a lot of our normal small group social events as YAC events over the last several weeks -- a Sunday brunch, our Superbowl party, etc. But there's only so much that the two of us can do.

At the inaugural leadership team meeting, we've sketched out a skeleton plan for YAC as an umbrella ministry. We're going to shoot for twice-monthly Sunday brunches, with different people taking point each time. We're also hoping to plan a retreat over the July 4th weekend. We're creating a Google group along with our Facebook group, to facilitate easy communication within the group. And there were so many other ideas for more casual events -- game nights, service projects, happy hours -- all of which were suggested by people who have the vision and the energy to bring these things about.

It's so encouraging to have others confirm this vision for this ministry! And it's so exciting to see the ways God has already started building community and using these events to reach out to others in the area.

Please be praying for the growth and development of YAC. And stay tuned for posts and pictures of future YAC events!