Saturday, January 10, 2009

Telephone Charades

Telephone charades. Best. game. ever.

It really is just a combination of Telephone and charades -- the first person on your team is given a clue to act out, while the rest of the team is out of the room. The second team member is allowed back into the room, and the first person acts the clue out to the second person. The second person then acts it out to the third, and all the way down the line, until the last person has to guess what the clue was.

And hilarity ensues.

It's funny to see what details get lost in translation down the line:

"Kung Fu Panda"...

...somehow becomes kickboxing with your (very large) belly.

The clue given to the PEF staff team was "Spider-Man":

Chris, our first team member (and really, the best charades actor on staff) mimed putting on his mask, climbing the walls, and then did the famous upside-down kiss (not pictured) with our second team member, who happened to be his wife Danielle.

As you might imagine, much of that was lost in translation.

Here's what it looked like by the time it was done by the last actor on our team:

That's right -- a genie in a bottle, who then tried to fly out the window, and ended by decapitating David. Or something like that.

I love watching the person sitting in the chair, to see if they have any clue what's being conveyed to them --

That last picture is my favorite -- everyone in the room is clearly hoping she'll be able to get it!

There's a grander metaphor in here somewhere, about how difficult it is to truly communicate with others, or maybe about how even the best intentions of working as a team can be scuttled by lack of true understanding... But really, Telephone Charades night is just the funnest night of the semester. :)

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Rachel S said...

looks fun! I'm sad I missed it. did you guys play after a friday night meeting?