Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Saints Faustinus and Jovita Day!

We were hosting an old friend over the weekend, who was in the area for a conference. He's recently engaged, and depending on their job situations (he's a newly minted professor, and she's finishing her Ph.D. and applying for faculty positions), they're hoping to get married either this summer or next.

David asked him yesterday whether he was doing anything romantic for his fiancee for Valentine's Day. The following conversation ensued:
FRIEND: No, of course not. We'll be celebrating tomorrow.
ME: Tomorrow? Is February 15 a special day for you guys?
FRIEND: Oh no, it's just Saints Faustinus and Jovita Day.
ME AND DAVID: Saints who?
FRIEND: Saints Faustinus and Jovita. They were martyrs who were beheaded for their faith.
ME: ...
Note that none of us is Catholic. This friend of ours is just a quirky kind of guy, which his friends are all used to by now... But could any girl really be okay with not celebrating Valentine's Day with her fiance?
DAVID: So, um, is [friend's fiancee] cool with this?
FRIEND: Oh yeah. She even bakes me these little people-shaped cookies and then beheads them.
Proof that they're really meant for each other, I guess... :)


As for us, though, we're both happy to be prosaic and go with the whole Hallmark-inspired Valentine's Day thing. For which I'm very thankful. :)

He had these beautiful roses delivered to my office on Friday:

The only problem, though, was that I was actually in Philadelphia all day on Thursday and Friday for a deposition... I told David Thursday night that the deposition, which was only supposed to last one day, was going to continue on the next day. He looked all concerned, and asked whether that meant I wasn't going to be in my office at all the next day, and then told me he had ordered flowers to surprise me.

He's been sick all week, so I figured we weren't going to do anything for Valentine's Day this year. Which would have been fine with me -- this bout with the flu is probably the worst sickness David has had since we got married. But even though he's been weak and feverish all week, he still made the effort to surprise me with pink roses... I have the best husband in the world. :)

So I ended up dropping by my office on Friday evening just to pick up my Valentine's loveliness. :)

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day -- and that your Sts. Faustinus and Jovita Day is going well! :)

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Ivy Mom said...

That cracks me up! I love the thought of little beheaded cookies :). And the flowers are JUST beautiful! What a thoughtful husband you have?!