Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Telephone Charades Fun!

Like I said last week, this has been a super-busy time for David and the rest of PEF staff -- so many beginning-of-the-year and welcome-freshmen events! It's all so much fun, though, and I'm really glad I've been able to take part in a bunch of the events.

Last Saturday evening was the freshman "two-step dinner." This used to be a progressive dinner, where groups of frosh were taken to three different staff homes for three courses of a dinner, and then all gathered together for dessert and games. To simplify this year, it was changed to just a two-step dinner -- two larger groups of frosh at two different staff homes for a nice, home-cooked meal, and then all of us coming together for dessert in the Chancellor Green cafe afterwards.

And what better way to introduce freshmen to the hilarity of PEF social events than Telephone Charades?? (Click link for previous PEF Telephone Charades shenanigans, and an explanation of how the game works.)

Alex's "The Incredible Hulk"...

...actually translated pretty well down the line. Check out Griffin, the last actor on that team:

And here was one of the funniest moments in PEF Telephone Charades history... Anthony was given the clue "From larva to butterfly." His rendition was actually pretty excellent -- very detailed enactments of each stage in the metamorphosis process. Here's his hungry caterpillar:

The second actor on the team, Stephen, followed suit. As you can see, he was paying pretty close attention to Anthony's charades:

But just seconds after the above picture was taken, Stephen's cell phone apparently went off. I say "apparently," because it was on vibrate, and none of us heard it. Stephen pulled it out of his pocket, checked to see who it was, and turned it off.

The thing is, though, the folks following after Stephen thought that the cell phone was part of the scene. So it ended up getting incorporated into each subsequent person's charade. It was so funny to watch people get out of the hot seat chair, start towards the front of the room, then quickly double back to their personal belongings to grab their cell phones in order to use it in the charade... By the time Natalie was up, the cell phone part had morphed into "using the cell phone as a flashlight in a hungry student's early morning search for food" --

Telephone Charades is always good for a real belly laugh. :)

Then, of course, Chris started out the staff charades. The clue the students came up with for him was "the career of Michael Jackson." And wow, did he deliver, from the Jackson Five years to the iconic moonwalk:

The difficulty with the staff team doing Telephone Charades is that there are so many of us -- 8 people on staff, plus Jamie and two staff spouses. So it always, always breaks down midway through... By the time David was up, it had become some sort of '70s disco meets runway modeling kind of thing:

And then somewhere else along the line, a cartwheel was added, making it something of a cheerleading routine:

That's John, one of the new PEF staff interns. As the youngest folks on staff, they got the honor of finishing out our charades... :)

PEF students and Telephone Charades. Always, always a recipe for a good time!

For the full set of Telephone Charades photos, check out this SmugMug gallery.

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