Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beach Retreat!

Every year, right before classes start up again, PEF goes on a beach retreat to Ocean City, NJ. Sure, it's been rainy and cold with gale-force winds for the last two years, but it's still a ton of fun! :)

The retreat focuses on evangelism, by way of preparing students to return to the daily grind of Princeton. This year, the messages were out of Acts 17, Paul's sermon to the Athenians at the Areopagus. (Yes, David prefaced his message with this picture of him on Mars Hill.)

And it was so much fun reconnecting with old friends! I'm so glad I got to go -- I missed most of the first day (Thursday), but drove up that evening with Greg (Aime's husband, the other PEF "staff spouse") and worked remotely on Friday. And played with PEFers in the evenings. And tried to go for a long walk on the boardwalk with David, before being driven back inside by the wind. :)

Bad weather aside, we still had tons of fun activities to fill our time!

Working on a massive puzzle

Apples to Apples

Pool shark Dion

Ping pong champs

Watching "Karate Kid"
(NB: the movie is SIX YEARS OLDER than the students in this photo...)

Beach football

Crazy high waves and water

Fun with jumping and burst mode photography

Most of the gang (minus some who had to leave early)

We're so thankful for the PEF community -- the retreat was so full of fellowship and fun. What an awesome, refreshing way to kick off the school year!