Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jenitta and Stan!

Yesterday, we attended our first wedding of 2009 -- congratulations to Jenitta and Stan!! It was a beautiful wedding (aren't they all?), and a HUGE Manna reunion -- it was so good to reconnect with so many old friends!

Lots of pictures were taken.

Old friends were excited about seeing each other.

Jenitta alternated between giggling and tearing up on the way down the aisle.

She had a beautiful chapel-length train and veil.

Eternal vows were spoken.

Rings were exchanged.

Parents were honored.

The happy couple recessed together down the aisle.

There was a break between the ceremony and the reception, so we pre-gamed at Wendy's.

There was a huge bridal party.

We learned of another engagement -- congratulations, Jimmy and Gabby!!

The reception had beautiful tall centerpieces -- which didn't obstruct conversation!

Jenitta's family made all 300+ favors: monogrammed cookies.

The couple was greeted at the reception by a bridal party archway -- and confetti!

Jenitta's dress twirled beautifully as they had their first dance.

The MC spoke pretty decent Mandarin and Taiwanese, and brought a round of applause from the mostly Asian crowd every time he did so.

There was a table game involving a spoon, a napkin and a dollar bill.

I got to see some of the '03 Manna girls!

And we all loved being witness to this beautiful love story.

Congratulations, Jenitta and Stan! God bless you as you begin your life together!

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steve said...

It's eerie how much Jenitta's dad resembles David, eh?

(Kim, not Keddie)