Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flying Visit to Dallas

Just got back in last night from a flying visit to Dallas -- a dear friend of ours got married there on Sunday night. David's oldest brother, Donald, is also out in Dallas, doing a Ph.D. at the University of Dallas, so we decided to make a quick weekend trip of it.

It was my first time in Texas, and David's first time west of the Mississippi (barring a quick layover at LAX), so we were excited to be there! We were really only there for half a day (flew out on Sunday morning, arrived at around noon, then flew back home on Monday morning), so we didn't get to see much... And I have to say, Dallas as a city wasn't terribly exciting. At least, not the parts that we got to see, on our way from the airport to the West End. Here's the view from our hotel window, mid-afternoon on a Sunday:

As Donald's South Korean friend would ask, "Where are all the people??"

And what's up with the parking lots? The one where we parked, and at least two others on the street we walked down, had no parking attendants or meters. Here are David and Donald trying to figure out how to pay for our parking:

Turns out, you're supposed to insert bills and coins in the slot corresponding to the number of the parking spot you took. Much laughter ensued as David tried to fold the bills into small enough pieces to stuff them into the slot:

But I digress. The main reason we were there was to celebrate the wedding of a close friend of ours -- Tony is another PEF alumnus, and I also overlapped with him at law school, so I'm really glad we were able to make the trip down to be at his wedding! It was a beautiful and moving ceremony:

And the reception was similarly gorgeous -- it took place on the 69th floor of a skyscraper, with great views of the city at night:

Plus, it was so great to catch up with old friends! It was a slightly different friend circle than the one that shows up at the weddings we've been to in the past few years, and there were some people there that we hadn't seen in years. Including this wonderful couple, who are expecting baby #2 in March!

Good times were had by all. :) Congratulations again, Tony and Julie!!

So we're back in NJ for a day, and then we're flying off tomorrow morning to NC to spend Thanksgiving with my family... Who knew we were such jet-setters?