Monday, January 26, 2009

Cheer Christina up while David's away -- leave a comment!

Day one of the PEF/Manna winter retreat... So I'm all alone in our suddenly too-large and too-quiet apartment.

I was supposed to be traveling to DC tonight for a deposition tomorrow (and then hanging out with a college roommate and her boyfriend), but the trip got canceled at the last minute. Literally at the last minute: I was starting to shut down my computer to leave, when I got a series of emails postponing and then canceling the deposition. So there goes my new and exciting work challenge -- and my distraction from a David-less home.

So I thought I'd declare my very own delurking day on our blog as a cheering-up measure. :) According to Google Analytics, we have had 134 unique visitors to this blog since its inception. The vast majority are referred from Facebook or Google Reader, so I'm guessing we know most of you out there... And we'd love to hear from you! Staying connected with friends and family is, after all, the primary purpose of this blog.

So do me a solid, and leave a comment! Whether you're a long-lost friend, a next-door neighbor, or someone who just stumbled across our blog somehow, I'd love for you to delurk and let us know that you've been reading.

It sure would cheer me up... :)


Emily said...

I'm reading! Love you and David!

Matthew & Carrie said...

hey, bummer that it got cancelled! i was actually leaving work tonight and passed vandeventer, almost turned up it to come visit you and drop off a little belated christmas/new year slash ON TIME chinese new year gift, then remembered you'd be out of town.... saaaaaaad. tomorrow night! :-) love and hugs, dear sister. ~ carrie

Rachel S said...

sorry your deposition got canceled--it sounded exciting!

so, does David have your new camera on the retreat with him? I hope you'll post some pictures for the rest of us who are missing out.