Friday, July 2, 2010

Gabby and Jimmy!

Saturday, June 26 was the the first of our double-booked wedding days for the summer... We've got another one coming up in August!  I tell ya, we're just too popular...  :)

We had hoped to bring Joshua to both ceremonies and both receptions that day.  What we didn't really count on was the fact that it would be in the upper 90s that day -- and that both ceremonies were held in unairconditioned venues.  Poor little Joshua wasn't a fan of the heat and humidity... And because no bride, however gracious and forgiving she may be, wants a screaming baby to be the soundtrack of her wedding video, we decided that Joshua needed to be taken home early.  So David took our little man home, and I stayed for the ceremonies.  We did end up bringing Joshua to both receptions, so he got to meet tons of people that day!

So first up for us that day was the wedding of Gabby L. and Jimmy T., in the university chapel.  The chapel is such a grand and imposing space, with soaring columns and stained glass windows -- and Gabby and Jimmy had a fairy tale of a wedding to go with the venue!  Complete with an incredibly full princess-like wedding gown -- the perfect look for Gabby.

It was also so fun to catch up with old Manna friends -- Gabby was '03 and Jimmy was '04, so their guest list included pretty much all of the Manna folk of my era.  :)  Many of them have been stalking this blog (hi, friends!) and were so excited to finally meet Joshua in person -- he has quite the extensive fan base!

I didn't take any photos of the reception, because I was too busy holding Joshua and catching up with people... But here are some of our favorites from the ceremony!  [Nerdy photography note: I'm so psyched about the high-ISO handling of our new camera!  Still wish I had a faster telephoto lens, but I think I've been getting better with low-light photography, and I'm excited about that!]

Jimmy catches his first glimpse of his bride

Gabby's beautiful gown, and her walk down the aisle with her father

Hands clasped

Exchange of rings -- I love the smiles here!

Honoring the parents -- Gabby's dad and mom

The first kiss!

Mr. and Mrs. Tieng!  I also love how many cameras there were at this wedding...

The happy couple being greeted by bubbles

Gabby and Jimmy, we had such a wonderful time at your wedding.  What a beautiful celebration of your love!  May God bless you both as you embark upon your life together!


Lucy said...

Wow, Christina! Taking pictures in the chapel is tough--kudos to the camera and the photographer!

Amy F.W. said...

Good job on these! How hilarious, I love all the cameras. And yay for 7D love!