Tuesday, July 20, 2010


As usual, I have a number of blog posts in the works, commemorating some of the busyness that has been our lives of late...

But I wanted to take a brief moment to post this absolutely beautiful photograph:

Joshua.  Asleep.  ON HIS BELLY.

It was a rough week of him figuring out why and how he was ending up on his belly in his crib, but one morning last week, he all of a sudden decided he was okay with it.  And now, it seems, he's decided that sleeping on his belly is the only way to go -- we put him down for his naps on his back, and he immediately reaches for his ugly doll (Erin, he really, really loves it -- thank you so much for making it for our little boy!!), rolls over, and falls asleep on his belly.  It's the cutest thing!

And his parents are rejoicing at this wonderful, calm, happy turn of events.  :)

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Ashley Sisk said...

VICTORY! Sleeping babies are the best.