Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tiger Tiger Tiger

Reunions 2010 was a big hit!  You have to love a weekend where 18,000+ alumni, plus their families, descend on campus in garish orange and black outfits to reconnect with friends and relive their glory days...  :)

PEF's Reunions events were, as always, a wonderful time of catching up with old friends and worshiping with the broader alumni community.  This year also marked Bill and Debbie's twenty-fifth year of serving with PEF, so we had a special time of honoring them at our normal Reunions luncheon, and a special reception with former staff and other old friends.

And -- we got to introduce Joshua to so many friends.  Almost all of whom started the conversation with "I've been stalking your baby through your blog/Facebook..."  That's right, our little boy is already famous, and already has a huge number of groupies.  :)  We're glad so many of you were able to meet him in real life!

Reunions Friday Night Fellowship, with Bill speaking

Representatives of the class of '60, back for their 50th!

A sea of orange and black -- some more tasteful than others  :)

Honoring Bill and Debbie

We finally got to meet Hannah, and Jane and Ted finally got to meet Joshua!

Debbie holding court  :)

I just loved this moment between Annie and her son Josiah

Our playful little guy, reaching out to Katie and Lydia for balance

Kelly was there!  Yaaay!

It's always so wonderful to "go back" for Reunions -- we love living in Princeton and having all of you come back to us.  :)