Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Joshua Watch: Four Months

I'm unconscionably late with this month's Joshua Watch... But rest assured, we did take all of his four-month photos on his actual four-month birthday!

Our wee little guy isn't quite so wee any more -- four whole months!  And growing so well!

He had his four-month checkup the day after he turned four months old (which, incidentally, was also the Friday of Reunions... so this was the first pediatrician visit where I took Joshua in by myself...).  He clocked in at 15 pounds even, 25-1/2 inches long, and 16-3/4 inches around his head.  That's right, he has a giant head, just like both of his parents...  :)

Our pediatrician gave us the go-ahead to start Joshua on solids whenever we'd like.  While part of me is really excited at that thought (our boy is so big and strong!), another big part of me feels like he's growing WAY too fast... I about burst into tears in the baby food aisle at Target last week!  So we have rice cereal, soft-tipped spoons, and cute little baby bowls all ready to go... I'm just not sure *I'm* ready yet!  But we'll be sure to keep you all posted in our adventures in teaching Joshua how to eat solid foods -- and you better believe there'll be video and photos!

But back to J-man's fourth month of life... This was the month he really settled down into a good schedule/routine.  He wakes up at around 7am, ready for his first breakfast, then plays happily with us and/or with his toys for about an hour, then naps for about an hour and a half, and then repeats this all day long.  It's definitely helped us get our lives in order (just in time for the craziness of the end of the school year, and for my return to work), but it's also clearly helping Joshua as well.  I think he knows generally what to expect out of life, which makes him happier and less prone to fighting naps -- and a well-rested boy is a much more playful boy!

Whether it's because of the routine or because he also happened to hit these developmental milestones at the same time, he's certainly become a much more smiley boy this month!  It's so incredibly rewarding to come into his field of view and have him break into a huge smile of recognition.  And he's also started to laugh!  Like with his first smiles, his laughter so far has been very fleeting and outside our control, but wow, is it the most amazing sound in the world... We so look forward to more regular laughs from our smiley baby boy!

Want proof of his increasing interactiveness?  Check out our four-month photoshoot!  I got some pensive looks from him when I sat him down in our Ikea Poang chair (our baby can sit up when supported now!) -- but when David walked up closer, Joshua looked up and grinned his little heart out.  And I melted, watching my boys interact.  :)  So most of the smiling photos we've got from this month are ones where Joshua's craning his neck to look up at his daddy, but I love them all just the same!

We love you so much, our precious, smiling little boy!