Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catch-up post: Congratulations, Class of 2010!

Immediately following Reunions weekend is Princeton's 3-day graduation extravaganza -- Sunday Baccalaureate, Monday Class Day, and Tuesday Commencement.  PEF joins in on the fun with a dinner on the Monday night for the seniors and their families.  One last home-cooked meal provided by the staff, a fun chance to get to meet the students' families, and one last time to hang out with these wonderful seniors as a group...

And this year, David went to Commencement to take some photos and say a final goodbye to this class.  Joshua and I had to stay home -- poor guy had had his routine totally disrupted by Reunions and the senior dinner, so he got to stay home and take a long, well-deserved nap in his own crib.  So I sent the camera with David, and he got some wonderful shots!

Congratulations, class of 2010!!  We'll miss you, dear ones!