Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Catch-up post: A visit from Uncle Iain and Erin!

[Okay, we're past the craziness of Reunions and graduation, I've gotten back into the swing of things at work, and life is finally starting to settle back down into a routine... Time to return to the ol' blog!]

We had a wonderful visit from David's brother Iain and his girlfriend Erin a few weeks back (5/22) -- it was the first time they'd met Joshua!  They're up in Poughkeepsie now, which isn't really that far -- we're hoping to go up to visit them sometime this summer.  We really should all hang out more often!

Joshua was quite the charmer.  :)  He's always so incredibly cute, but he's really started smiling and interacting with others these last few weeks, and I think he really liked hanging out with Iain and Erin!

We then took our guests on a tour of the campus.  There's been so much construction in the last few years, so it's changed since the last time Iain was here (I think for our wedding?), and Erin had never seen it.  So we had a nice outdoor lunch from Olive's and then wandered around campus, ultimately making our way for the newer bits.

Walking through East Pyne courtyard

Iain and Erin are swing dancers -- can you tell?

Outdoor amphitheater in new Butler (alas, poor old Butler, we knew it well...)

The double-helix flanges of the Icahn Laboratory, home of the Genomics Institute

Iain is very chivalrous and gallant towards his lady...

We had such a good time with you guys.  :)  So glad you could make the trip down to meet Joshua and hang out with us -- and we're looking forward to paying you a return visit!!