Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A shower for Baby G!

Saturday afternoon was Andréa Granstedt's baby shower! Thrown by her mother, it was a packed house, filled with her friends and friends of her mother who had known her for years. It was so cool to get to meet so many other women who are just as eagerly awaiting the birth of Baby G!

Given the large guest list, it helped that this shower was the most organized shower I've ever been to... As we walked in the doors, we were given a printed agenda for the afternoon and a pre-printed nametag, each of which had a baby-themed sticker on it. Turns out the stickers were codes for the teams that we were to be put on for the games. There was food on the second level, scrapbooking in the dining room nook, and gifts were placed around the Christmas tree (which was decorated with tiny little white baby socks!). And the gift-opening was similarly organized -- each gift was logged into a spreadsheet along with the name of the gift-giver, and then placed in a labeled brown paper bag -- one for bath items, one for clothing, etc. I tell ya, Andréa's mom and the other shower hostesses are all women after my own heart! :)

I carpooled up to the shower with other women from our small groups -- it was about an hour's drive, and it was so fun to shoot the breeze with these lovely ladies. Our small groups have really thrived in the last few years -- I'm so thankful for all of these dear friends!

Some of my favorite pictures from the afternoon...

Just some of the fun tools at the scrapbooking station...

I just love everyone's expressions here. :)

Luke was having a blast with his very own special keyless keychains

Andréa with a gift of handmade booties and hat

An appropriate gift for the child of a plasma physicist and a molecular biologist!

There were five pregnant women at this shower!

Andréa's friend Bing, sorting the gifts into categorized bags

Small group ladies, having fun with
Andréa's belly

We're all so excited for Erik and Andréa -- can't wait to meet Baby G!!

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