Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And a shower for Eggi!

Last weekend really was a weekend full of baby fun... :) Sunday afternoon was my baby shower!

I can't even begin to express how incredibly loved and blessed I felt at the shower. It was so wonderful to be able to spend time with so many of the women I love, and to see how excited they all are for our little baby boy. And the shower itself was exactly the right balance of fun activities, time to catch up with people, and just basking in the support and encouragement of all of these amazing women...

So first off, I have to thank my lovely hostesses:

Carrie, Emily, Hilary and Heidi were amazing! See the buttons on my dress? One says "Mommy to Be," and the other says "Baby Eggi" -- Hilary custom-modified the second one just for Eggi. :) And the bowl of blue and white M&Ms on the coffee table? They were printed with customized messages:

"Welcome Eggi" and "Keddie Cub." I think Emily was the one who came up with this idea?

The girls came up with such fun, low-key activities for the shower. Instead of having scheduled games, they set up two different stations and encouraged the guests to go to each station at some point during the shower. And each station provided opportunities to create such cute and lasting items for me and for the baby:

Onesie and sock decorating!

Scrapbooking, where each guest was asked to get a photo with me and to write a little note to go with it

And the food! There were so many wonderful treats, and a tea and hot chocolate station:

The most moving "programmed" part of the shower for me, though, was the time of prayer for me, David and our little boy. So many lifted up our growing family to the Lord, and prayed with us that our children would all grow to know and love Him. It was such a sweet affirmation of the support of our various communities, and so encouraging to know that our little boy is being prayed for even now before his birth.

And, of course, it was wonderful to see so many dear friends and family. We actually had a pretty respectable turnout on the family side -- David's mom, of course, was staying with us this weekend, but we also had David's Aunt Linda and cousins Morgan and Adrienne, and my cousin Hannah. (And note the buttons: David's mom had a "future Grandma," and Aunt Linda had a "future Great-Aunt"!)

Photo credit: Lucy Jameson

Photo credit: Lucy Jameson

Photo credit: Lucy Jameson

And here are a few more of my favorite photos from the shower -- many of them were taken by Lucy Jameson, who is not only a dear friend, but is also half of a husband-wife photography extravaganza. :) I promised to link to the Jamesons' photography business if I used these photos, so please do note the photo credit links!

Photo credit: Lucy Jameson

Photo credit: Lucy Jameson

Photo credit: Lucy Jameson

Photo credit: Lucy Jameson

Photo credit: Lucy Jameson

What a wonderful day! We're so touched by the generosity of our friends and family -- and so moved to see how so many are walking alongside us as we prepare for parenthood. You guys are all so wonderful, and we're so thankful for each and every one of you!

For the full sets of photos from the baby shower, check out these two SmugMug galleries: our photos, Lucy's photos.

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Emily said...

I love all the pictures! How did we miss taking a pic of all 7 of us preggos together that day? I was so glad I could be there to share it with you and to meet all of your lovely friends. Love you, girl!