Monday, December 14, 2009

PEF Christmas party 2009!

Last Friday night was also the annual PEF Christmas party! I probably say this about every large event thrown by PEF, but this really is one of my favorite nights of the year -- the entire first floor of Murray Dodge is decorated with candles, garland, ribbon and lights, there's a ton of delicious homemade Christmas treats, and the evening is filled with caroling, gingerbread house making, writing Christmas cards to PEF missionaries, and fun times with friends.

But really, pictures can tell the story so much better than I can... :)

Wreath and candles over a blazing fire

Jamie playing beautiful Christmas music

One team, trying desperately to prevent their gingerbread tower from collapsing

Dan explaining his team's gingerbread temple, complete with Wonder Woman

A frosh girls team, introducing their gingerbread Pride Rock with "The Circle of Life"

Margaret pointing out her team's very scary gingerbread dragon

Writing Christmas cards to PEF missionaries

Christmas caroling!

Grad students representing at the Christmas party!
(Yay for Matt and Nicole!)

'09ers were there, too!

And so were Erik, Erin and Luke!

Good fun, good food, good fellowship -- gotta love PEF Christmas traditions!

For the full set of PEF Christmas party photos, check out this SmugMug gallery.