Monday, December 14, 2009

Reason # 74598 why we love PEF

Every week at the end of PEF's Friday Night Fellowship, we have a brief time of sharing and prayer -- sometimes it's an open time to share prayer requests, and other times there's a testimony or special time of directed prayer.

This past Friday, Danielle stood up to lead the prayer time. She started off with a brief comment on how she's somewhat familiar with the long and storied history of PEF, and then said that we were at an unusual point in PEF's history -- because we're eagerly anticipating not just one, but two babies in the next couple months!

That's right -- this week's sharing and prayer time was dedicated to us, and to Brad and Casadi Schroeder. :)

Danielle had the four of us come up to the front of the room, and then presented us with gifts that a huge number of PEFers had contributed towards. Brad's a hockey player, and a senior, so the Schroeders will definitely have tons of Princeton-spirit-filled events in their family's future. So PEF presented them with an assortment of absolutely adorable orange-and-black onesies and baby gear, to help prepare the newest Schroeder to join in on all the Princeton fun! And then for me and David, both history majors and continuing in a long line of ministers (on David's side), they found the perfect little gift:

A John Witherspoon tiger! Who knew that such a thing existed?? We also received a very generous gift card to Target, which we'll be able to put toward the last of our big-ticket baby items.

And then some of the students led in prayer for the four of us -- Tae and Jeff prayed for Brad and Casadi, and Alex prayed for us. I know our pregnancies have been bathed in prayer ever since we made our respective public announcements, but it was so touching to hear the prayers of our dear friends, and to see such concrete examples of how everyone so wants to support and encourage us.

It was also so sweet to see how excited the PEFers were when Danielle first made her way up to the front -- I could see huge, beaming smiles on the faces of many in the first couple rows! And I was so touched when we got home that night and read the names of those who had contributed -- many old friends, but also a large number of freshmen and other folks from whom I certainly wouldn't have expected any kind of gift. What a sweet demonstration of community and love!

And seriously, we really love the Witherspoon tiger. He'll get pride of place in Eggi's growing collection of stuffed animals!

Thank you, dear PEF friends, for walking alongside us throughout this pregnancy -- we really can't wait to introduce all of you to our little son!