Monday, November 16, 2009

One-year blogiversary!

The Keddiebears blog is one year old today! (And, incidentally, yesterday's post was our 100th post!)

We've averaged about two posts per week this year, which is actually better than I'd anticipated... And it's been so much fun sharing our lives with our friends near and far. According to Google Analytics, we get visitors from all six continents! That's more a testimony to how far-flung our friends are (hello, family, study abroad students, missionaries, State Department employees, and other international friends!) -- most of you guys are referred to our blog via Facebook links or Google searches for our names. Though lately, we've had a couple search hits for baby-related items... I knew doing a weekly chronology of the baby bump would be a good and useful service! :)

To celebrate our one-year blogiversary, I'm announcing another "delurking day." Come out of the woodworks and leave us a comment! Click on "Post a Comment" below -- you don't need a Google account to do so; just click the radio button for "Name/URL" and put your name in the box that pops up.

It's been so fun having you all along for the ride thus far -- thanks for reading our ramblings and sharing in all our momentous milestones over this last year!


RBQ said...


AEM said...

Hi Christina (and David)! I love following your blog--thanks for posting! -- Anna

Sonya H said...

[officially delurked] Hallo Christina, David, and baby! :D

Rachel said...

greetings from Ukraine! congrats on your one-year blogging anniversary!

Lucy said...

I *have* commented, but I will again! I love to read your blog and see the Keddies as you grow (in several ways)!